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'Marx, Future Ruler of Popstar and Crazy Little Jester'
FNM07-Marx by AndrewDickman
At first, Marx was Kirby's best friend; playing an frolicking in the fields of Popstar. But one day, the sun and the moon began to fight. Kirby set off on a quest to quell their fighting by gathering the energies of all the planets and using them to make a wish to the comet Nova. But as soon as Kirby finished gathering these energies and make a wish, Marx stole them and wished to rule over all of Popstar! Marx gains Nova's dark power and a battle ensues.
After defeating Marx, Kirby goes on a few more adventures, only to find that Marx has been recreating his body and power to turn into Marx Soul! After one of the toughest battles ever fought and an ear-piercing death rattle, Kirby emerges victorious.

Marx slowly rebuilds himself once again using the broken pieces of Nova and now lies in wait with the other villains of the series for the perfect time to strike. In the meantime, he makes a deviantART account.

KIRBY and MARX by cmmo

(Good luck getting up here)

(He isn't a very friendly guy...)

(All the other villains of the Kirby series)

"Why, hello there, Kirby. Been a while, hasn't it?"

:Kirby: Marx + Magolor by Veonara

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(( A Marx RP/Ask account? Great! Now all we need is Magolor. ))


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